MHCC is committed to protecting and improving our neighborhood. We want to limit real estate overdevelopment of luxury apartments but expand opportunities for affordable housing. MHCC has active campaigns and other initiatives to keep Morningside Heights a welcoming, nice place to live. 

Please explore the issues we engage with below. 

We heartily invite participation in the work we are doing, and seek community members to become active partners. Click here to get involved. 

Limiting Real Estate Overdevelopment

MHCC played a critical role in the decision to release a City Council Request for Proposals for an Environmental Review in support of rezoning our neighborhood. This is a major step forward and it occurred largely through MHCC’s consistent work on this issue. A lot more needs to be done locally to propel Rezoning Morningside Heights. MHCC regularly surveys and reports on soft sites throughout the neighborhood that are vulnerable to overdevelopment.

Click below to see relevant reports and memos:

Rezoning Plan Update, December 2021

Rezoning Plan, May 2021

Morningside Heights Soft Sites Report, September 2016

Affordable Housing

Expanding affordable housing is a major concern in our community. Achieving this critical objective will protect our neighborhood’s diversity, maintain local influence in decision-making, and honor our distinct culture and history. MHCC announced its JUST Housing Campaign several months ago, which focuses on the preservation of rent-regulated apartments by institutions in our neighborhood. This will be augmented by efforts to better understand the opinions and priorities of our neighbors in NYCHA housing.

Click below to see relevant reports and memos:

Protecting the Character and Quality of Life of Morningside Heights

MHCC is committed to protecting and improving the quality of life and character of our neighborhood through neighborhood cleanups, targeting advocacy campaigns, and consistent outreach to City agencies. Currently, we are working to improve the 125th Street Subway station, support local small businesses through the Morningside Merchants Association, and to address neighborhood safety and sanitation concerns.

Learn more about the Morningside Merchants.

Click below to see relevant reports and memos:

125th Street Station Brief

Empty Storefronts and Community Needs, December 2019