Happy Holidays. MHCC Launches Annual Fundraising Appeal. Please Support our Efforts to Protect and Improve our Community.

Greetings to all! The photo above reminds us of all we worked hard to achieve in Morningside Heights before the pandemic arrived.  As we prepare for the holidays and close out a very challenging year, the Morningside Heights Community Coalition would like to thank you for your ongoing engagement and support, especially during the challenges of 2020.  We are proud of the great community spirit in our neighborhood and grateful for your encouragement and assistance. 

Working together, we have made great strides in protecting our neighborhood, and hope to continue to do so in light of the recent COVID-19 spikes.  Your participation and activism have made a difference, but we need to keep up the pressure, to make sure that ALL our neighbors are as safe as possible in this next period. This takes further work on all our parts, AND one of the ways you can help is to donate to MHCC.  
Though the vast majority of our work occurs through volunteer efforts, we do have ongoing administrative costs that must be met in order for us to continue operating as effectively as possible.  Our costs include subscriptions to email, survey, and online meeting services, website development and hosting, newsletter/video production, and administrative fees. It is easy and quick to donate securely to MHCC, via our online link here 

As a brief recap, here are some of the ways we made significant local impacts in 2020: 

-Focusing attention on the risks to our neighbors of returning Columbia and Barnard students during the COVID 19 pandemic, the institutions reversed their plans for having thousands of  students come and live in the dorms;

-Securing financial commitments from developers and institutions to social service initiatives and charitable organizations through the Morningside Heights Community Fund;

-Holding developers accountable for construction health and safety;Leading a rezoning campaign to promote local affordable housing in our community, limiting the height of new buildings and preserving existing housing stock;Informing our neighbors of important issues through town hall meetings, newsletters, surveys, reports, articles, op-eds, videos, and social media engagement;

-Raising important community concerns with our elected officials;

-Encouraging collaboration among a variety of community organizations. 

Your help is necessary to continue the work of keeping this community safe and thriving for all of us. Please be as generous as you can.  All donations will be put to good use. It is easy and quick to donate securely to MHCC, via our online link hereChecks can be sent to:

Morningside Heights Community Coalition 
P.O. Box 250405
Columbia University Station 
New York, NY 10025

Your donation of $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 or another amount is tax-deductible, as MHCC is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Thanks for your support. Here’s to a New Year of good health, hope and joy. 

Best regards – Laura Friedman, Dave Robinson, Robert Stern, Kwesi McDavid, Andrea Brecker, Harry Schwartz, Dan McSweeney, Barry Weinberg 

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