Appreciating our Morningside Healthcare Workers and Volunteers

Today, Mt. Sinai Morningside took time to thank employees and volunteers who have been supporting New Yorkers during the Coronavirus pandemic. In a program funded by corporate and foundation partners, the American Red Cross and others disseminated flower bouquets and care packages to members of this important team.

Red Cross volunteer supervisor David Chang, whose connection to Morningside Heights began over 30 years ago, summed it up effectively. “This is a great community and these people need to be thanked for the selfless service they are providing during this public health emergency.”

Kelly O’Neill, a native Manhattanite and 11-year employee of the former St. Luke’s Hospital, now Mt. Sinai Morningside, expressed her appreciation. “We are one family here in Morningside Heights and we are committed to serving the people of this neighborhood and throughout New York.”

Thank you to the donors and Mt. Sinai Morningside employees and volunteers for this timely and appropriate recognition of the sacrifices involved in the ongoing challenges. These are emblematic of what it takes to maintain a strong and healthy community. The Morningside Heights Community Coalition salutes you!

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