MHCC Coronavirus Update: Resources

As new norms take hold, we’d like to offer our profound thanks to our community’s first responders, medical personnel, and those who keep our shops and other neighborhood locations open. We are proud of the courage and community spirit of these men and women.

Here are some resources that may be helpful to Morningside Heights community members. We will offer additional resources and updates in the coming weeks. Please stay safe and follow public health recommendations and directives so we can all pull out of this unprecedented situation and become a better and stronger neighborhood.

CARES Act: General Information for Small Businesses and Independent Contractors

Take the 2020 Census online. This is of critical importance to our community.

The Nextdoor app is a useful way to hear about local events, policies, and programs and share information with neighbors.

The Columbia Spectator has been publishing timely articles on local COVID-19 impacts. Check out their recent coverage on the major decline in local business patronage. (And support our local shops!)

A freeze on rent payments is being discussed by government officials and landlords. To their credit, Columbia University has enacted a two-month reprieve on rent to its commercial tenants. A similar program for residential tenants is under consideration. Here’s an overview of this and other developments.

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