MHCC Coronavirus Update: Non-Essential Construction Halted

MHCC Calls for Halt on Non-Essential Construction in NYC — Gov. Cuomo enacts that rule within several hours.

Resolution: March 26, 2020

The Morningside Heights Community Coalition calls for a halt to all non-essential construction in New York City for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis. 

Most of the small businesses in Morningside Heights are closed and suffering through this crisis. The businesses that remain open (grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants with delivery) are actually essential to residents surviving while observing the Governor’s order to stay at home. 

However, there is no reason for projects constructing luxury housing to continue, bringing more non-essential workers into the community, and increasing the risk of spreading the virus. While some workers need to ride subways and buses to ensure that our city survives, these workers do not. Moreover, construction workers in our community have repeatedly been observed ignoring social distancing requirements while blocking the sidewalk and walking in the neighborhood, potentially endangering residents and businesses and exacerbating the crisis. 

This article from the New York Times further details this pressing issue.

We are sensitive to the potential hardship construction workers are experiencing and support workers being appropriately compensated for the loss of income. 

We call on the Governor to amend his Executive Order to exclude non-essential construction from the list of essential activities. 

Laura Friedman, President

Dave Robinson

Robert Stern

Barry Weinberg

Kyle Haver

Harry Schwartz

Andrea Brecker

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