SPECIAL BULLETIN September 25, 2019

SPEAKER COREY JOHNSON “100% SUPPORTS” REZONING OF MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS – COMMITS CITY COUNCIL LAND USE STAFF AND RESOURCES “I LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH ALL OF YOU, WITH THIS AMAZING COMMUNITY, WITH COUNCIL MEMBER MARK LEVINE, TO GET THIS DONE.” At the September 19 MHCC Town Hall Meeting at Corpus Christi Church, nearly 150 Morningside Heights community members were jubilant over City Council Speaker Johnson’s … Continue reading SPECIAL BULLETIN September 25, 2019

MHCC Fall 2019 Update

Health and Safety Committee After documenting serious health, safety, and environmental concerns with over 2000 photos and videos, the MHCC Health and Safety Committee has successfully confronted owners, developers and contractors, seeking that they change their practices.  With an active Facebook page and Twitter account, the Committee continues to research, document, and communicate our concerns to the community.  Now in our third year, we have developed the MHCC … Continue reading MHCC Fall 2019 Update

MHCC Continues Pushing For Contextual Rezoning

At a meeting with the City Planning Department the MHCC reiterated its proposed plan for rezoning certain areas of Morningside Heights by limiting building heights, eliminating the “as of right” use of “air rights’ and combining conjoined lots to build excessively high structures. MHCC’s Preliminary Rezoning Plan – an overview of the entire neighborhood showing the proposed zoning designation for each block – was originally … Continue reading MHCC Continues Pushing For Contextual Rezoning

MHCC Helps Long-Time Residents of Morningside Heights Remain in their Home

July 25, 2019 by MHCC Executive Committee: One of the Morningside Heights Community Coalition’s primary objectives is to promote permanent affordable housing in our neighborhood as a matter of policy.  We recognize that economic diversity is one of the strengths of our community and that long-term residents are a critical aspect of our local culture.  Recently, we made an impact on this front by supporting … Continue reading MHCC Helps Long-Time Residents of Morningside Heights Remain in their Home