About Us

Morningside Heights is one of the most historic and eclectic neighborhoods in America. We are proud of our community and are dedicated to keeping it authentic, affordable, and diverse.

The Morningside Heights Community Coalition (MHCC) is an alliance of local residents, organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders committed to maintaining and improving our neighborhood in Upper West Manhattan.

Our membership represents a wide array of personal and professional backgrounds, ages, and advocacy experience. We learn from and support each other in advancing community-focused activities and policy proposals.

Our three main priorities are:

limiting luxury over-development in our neighborhood,

promoting local affordable housing, and

preserving the unique character and quality of life of Morningside Heights.

MHCC mobilizes and maintains open lines of communication with our community members, engages with elected and appointed government officials, organizes events, and recognizes community members who make positive local impacts.

You can follow and engage in ongoing discussions about neighborhood issues through our Twitter account.

Our Platform for Residential Development can be found on our Reports page.

The MHCC Health and Safety Committee is a clearinghouse of information on issues that impact safety in our neighborhood. You can learn about these and join the effort to keep our neighborhood safe here.

The Morningside Heights Community Fund is an emerging endowment maintained by MHCC through a Community Benefits Agreement with a real estate developer active in our neighborhood. The Fund will support local projects that improve the daily lives of our community members. You can find more information on the Fund here.